We do have puppies available now!

Contact Us. If you are interested in more information about our little Mini Labradoodles.
We do have puppies now!  Make sure to Check out the Blog Page or the Available Puppy Page. 


Our priority in raising these little gems is to fit them with the right family. We do have referrances and welcome your questions. With our years of Breeding these mini labradoodles we  know that there can be a lot of varieties when it comes to the minature labradoodle size, hair coat and temperment.


You will love the small and lab like nature of these little gems. The Siess Ranch  mini’s are smaller then most. We started our breeding program with our own labrador mothers and 2 toy poodles over 11 years ago. (boy how time flys when we are having fun)


We have several first generation mothers that will be turning 9 years old this coming year. They have been the foundation of our breeding program. From those mothers we have raised the F1B babies and have a few of those girls having babies for us now. So we are now on our second and third generation with some of our mothers. Which definitely keeps the size small and the hair coats more consistently non shedding. 

We have added to our breeding program a very nice first generation stud Hershey! He is a true chocolate lab color in a mini labradoodle! This is color is often rare to see in a mini labradoodle. We look forward to seeing more of his puppies in 2019!


 So it is best to call us to let us know what you are looking for and we can match you with the perfect puppy. You can always reach us by phone or email, just by clicking on the Contact Page.