We welcome you to send in your recent photos of your LovableLabradoodles. 

This is an Abby and Husker puppy born July 2015 I had him nicknamed Marshall and Lianna has renamed him Henri. Love that name!
This is Henri when he was little and still at the Siess Ranch.


Marshall aka Henri before he left the Siess Ranch back in October 2015

Lianna stated; when I called Beth Siess, she was easy to talk to, and listened to what I was looking for in a puppy in terms of color, gender, weight, and fur texture. She matched me to three possible puppies and emailed me descriptions and photos. We live in Omaha NE, just a few hours from Seneca KS, and drove down a few times to get to know the family and the all 10 of the puppies. We ended up picking one of the three she thought we might like- showing she certainly was listening to us when we first talked. Henri is the center of our hearts and home now. He is intelligent, curious, friendly, obedient, and the perfect family dog and companion. I cannot rave enough about this breed! We organize monthly doodle meet ups in our city for other doodle owners and everyone loves his smaller size. He’s also on Instagram @Henri_doodle !”


Lianna’s Henri at 1 year old.