Becca's puppies are very petite. Toy with the fleece coats. Very cute! These little Gems will stay small probably 12 to 15 lbs as adults. They are pictured here at 9 weeks old. Becca is a very small fleece coat F1B mini labradoodle mother pictured above.



Moni and Husker have some beautiful mini labradoodle puppies.  These babies will stay small also. Princess the little girl will stay under 15lbs as full grown. All of Moni's puppies have been placed. Please give us a call if you have questions about our upcoming...

Second Generation F1B Mini Labradoodle Puppies

Becca Our F1B Generation Mini Labradoodle Mother Puppies have all been sold. These little gems will be approximately 12- 15 lbs as adults. All have the full fleece non-shedding hair coats. Call us for more information about Becca's future puppies....

View our Lovable Labradoodle Puppies

Maria and Hershey have the three older mini labradoodle puppies available. Coco, Lola and Chocolate Chunk. These are our older Mini Labradoodle Puppies for sale. Abby and Husker have 2 beautiful Mini Labradoodle Puppies still available.  Mo is a full fleece boy and...

F1B mini labradoodle puppies

Here are Abby and Husker's Apricot  Girls. Bella Daisy Mo What we find is that at about this age their hair coats really start to thicken or thin depending on the style. Those with the full fleece coat are about ready for their first full hair cut. Up until now we...

Chocolate Mini Labradoodle Puppies

Maria and Hershey's puppies are 12 weeks old now. This is a wonderful age to bring them home. They have been super fun puppies to raise. All have a little bit different personality with that typical doodle smarts. At 12 weeks old they are weighing right at 10 lbs...

Multi Generation F1B Mini Labradoodles

View a recent Video of Abby's F1B 8 week old puppies here Abby and Husker's puppies are F1B generation mini labradoodles and Ivory and Hershey's puppies are multi generation mini labradoodles. Both litters were born on the same day 8/13/16 Ready for adoption now! ...

Recently we have moved our website and are still getting things updated. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions about our puppies. We would love to visit with you about what your desires are for adding one of our mini labradoodles to your family.

It is our goal to fit the right puppy with the right family according to size, personality and looks. With our puppies being small it is likely we will be ready to place them up for adoption around the 10 to 12 week age rather then the typical 8 week age.

Thank you, Richard and Beth Siess

Watch for more updates soon….