We have found it easier to stay in touch with you when new puppies arrive to have you sign up for the notification list. You can always return email to us after you have signed up if that is easy for you to correspond via email. 

If you would prefer to talk with us on the phone that is awesome also. Our numbers are listed below. If you do not reach us.  The best number for texting is Beth 7852940209  (My husband will probably call you rather then text you back) and his answering machine sometimes gets full lol 

We do like to find out what you are interested in because we sometimes have a variety of hair textures and sizes to choose from. 

Home # 785-336-2563

Beth Cell #  785-294-0209

Richard Cell #  785-294-2056

If you check out the past puppies below you will see some of the hair coat differences. For those that are needing hypo allergic puppies will want to stay with the more soft fleece or full fleece coats.