Here are Abby and Husker’s Apricot  Girls.







What we find is that at about this age their hair coats really start to thicken or thin depending on the style.
Those with the full fleece coat are about ready for their first full hair cut. Up until now we have trimmed around their eyes, tails, ears and belly’s. 

Some puppy buyers have told us that their hair coat thickens up a bit after the first coat. Everyone will have a preferred way of trimming their labradoodle. And going to the right groomer is important. Unfortunately we are not in an area that we are close to any. So I do the best we can to keep them cool and keep them cleaner. 

We have re-homed puppies in Omaha and one of their favorite groomers is “Pet Grooming by Audrey” in Millard/West Omaha

Lianna states that she loves what Audrey does with Henri’s doodle coat.