Penny’s Girl Fancy Frannie


DOB 08/03/2022

Fran is a smart puppy. She is very attentive and loves to be around people. Fran has a nice coat that will not shed. Her coat is a soft loose curl.  
Call Beth for more information about Fram. 785-294-0209

Penny’s boy Howie


DOB 08/03/2022

Howie is small and super cute. He has that soft very loose wave to his coat.  When we see this type of coat we feel it may shed some but very minimal. Howie is quiet the sweet heart also. We love that he is so small. Just a perfect size for a toy / mini Call Beth for more information about Howie. 785-294-0209

Penny’s boy Charlie


DOB 08/03/2022

Charlie is super cute with the white markings on his chest. Charlie has really opened up and is very outgoing. He has a very nice coat also that doesn’t shed much. Love  his tuxedo look.

I look for him to be about 30 # full grown. Charlie has a beautiful soft curl coat. Call Beth for more information about him. 785-294-0209

Penny’s boy Teddy


DOB 08/03/2022

   Teddy is super cute with his white markings. Teddy is a little thicker build which fits his personality. Teddy loves to play and will be your sidekick. Teddy Bear is just that he is a snuggler and also likes to play. He and our little Lizzy have become BF.

I do look for Teddy Bear to shed a little. His personality makes up for the minimal shedding he may have. 

I look for him to be about 30 to 35# full grown. Call Beth for more information about Teddy. 785-294-0209

Mini Labradoodle Penny

Penny has been a very good-natured Mom for us. Penny has had a couple of litters with Tucker. Her pups are always very easy-going trainable puppies.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to us.


Tucker Apricot Male Poodle

Tucker has been an awesome well behaved poodle stud. He is so lovable and easy to train. Tucker is a full poodle. So this group is a first generation mother bred back to a poodle. (F1B)  If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to us.


Mini Labradoodle Puppies

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Christmas 2022 Babies Mini Labradoodles

Christmas 2022 Babies Mini Labradoodles

Snicker's Apricot Boy Winston Winston DOB 10/05/2022Winston is a beautiful Apricot color with the dark black nose and eyes. Winston is an only puppy but is doing very well with Lily's group all were born on the same day.  I feel that Winston's coat will not shed. It...



Daisy's Boy Henri Henri DOB 08/03/2022Henri pronounced On-ree. I just love this look. We don't get the chocolate skin tones on our pups often and when it shows up on this deep apricot color it is just beautiful. Henri is a quiet boy now. He is a deep thinker and...



Toy Labradoodle Lizzy, Jazzy's GirlLizzy is the smallest in this group. She is just adorable. Her coat is also non-shedding and with her size, I am estimating her to be about 12 lbs full-grown. Jazzy and Tucker have always had super nice puppies and this group is...