sophie’s Baby

DOB 11/30/2021

Ella has been placed. Ella is a petite little girl. She is an apricot color. She has a beautiful soft curl coat that will not shed and her size will be a toy mini labradoodle.  I am estimating her adult size to be about 12 – 15 lbs. Please contact Beth personally for more info

Sophie’s Baby


DOB 11/30/2021

Todd has been placed. Todd is just a little bigger then his sisters but still will stay the toy to mini size of about 15 to 18 lbs full grown. Todd has that soft curl that will not shed. He is a sweetheart and loves attention. Please contact Beth personally for more info about Todd. 785-294-0209 

Sophie, is a mini labradoodle mother

Sophie has been an excellent mother for us over the years. She is a daughter of our Peaches which has retired a few years ago. Sophie always has small / toy size mini labradoodle puppies. Sophie weighs approx 14 lbs.

Tucker is a toy Poodle

Tucker has sired some very nice puppies for us. He is 3 years old now and has proven to give us healthy  sound puppies. We love his disposition. Tucker is a little taller which we like that he gives our puppies some height. Tucker weighs about 18 lbs.

Upcoming Litters

Penny and Tucker DOB December 2nd 2021

 Penny is a chocolate F1 Mini Labradoodle from our Ginger and Husker. Penny is a small first generation mini she weighs about 18 lbs. Tucker is a full toy poodle so this group is called the F1B since it is a first generation bred back to a poodle. 

Sally and Hershey DOB December 5th 2021

 Sally is a apricot F1 Mini Labradoodle from our Sadie and Husker. Sally is a good fit for our Hershey, she is a little taller and has a beautiful shag coat. Hershey is also a F1 Mini. His mother was a chocolate lab and his dad a toy poodle. Hershey has retired so this is his last litter. We have always loved his pups and will probably be keeping one of these little gems for ourselves. 

Mini Labradoodle Puppies

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F1B Mini Labradoodles

F1B Mini Labradoodles

F1B Mini Labradoodle Bear DOB 03/18/2022Bear is my big boy! He is  such a sweetheart. We are pleased with how he is adjusting with out mom. He has a beautiful chocolate coat with some waves starting to show. I look for him to be 30 lbs full grown and he does have some...

F1-Mini Labradoodles-Snow-Custer

F1-Mini Labradoodles-Snow-Custer

First Generation Mini Angel DOB 03/11/2022 Angel is a petite little girl. She is so sweet and right now likes to sit in our laps. Angel's coat is similar to her siblings which will be a shaggy coat as an adult. I do feel she will shed a little but not as much as a lab...

Standard Labradoodle Puppies

Standard Labradoodle Puppies

Bailey's Baby Barry DOB 11/10/2021Berry is a first generation standard labradoodle boy. He will shed some but will be a light shedder due to his daddy being a poodle. He has some nice confirmation we do have more photos we can share of Barry just give us a call and we...